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Our recreational divisions 

service players between the ages 3-103 years old. No prior experience is required as teams are compiled of players of all skill levels ranging from Beginner to Novice.

Looking for more competition? Head over to our Travel Teams page for more information on our competitive teams and how to join.

TBall Ages 3-6

(Carney Field)

 At this level, our smallest Slaterettes learn the fundamentals of the game,  including but not limited to the equipment needed, how to throw and catch a ball, where all of the bases are and how to run them in order, what a batting order is and how to follow it, how to hold a bat and have a level swing with a tee and overall good sportsmanship and game preparation.

Instructional Ages 6-9

(46/60 Pfefferle Field)

The first couple weeks are full of lots of instruction and practice, but coach-thrown "hittable pitches" transition to balls and strikes through your Instructional Division season.  Positional play focus, smart base running and player pitching will move you up to the next level.  

Juniors Ages 9-12

(46/60 Deluca Field)

Stealing and bunting and sliding, oh my! Evenly distributed skill leveled teams make for competitive, fun games in this division. Graduating 12 year olds participate in "Dresses on the Diamond" at the end of the season.

Senior & Women's Divisions

Seasons typically run late spring into summer

Seniors Ages 13-17 (54/80 Seastrom Field)

Women's Ages 18+ (60/90 Gradwell Field)

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